Chile is the most developed country within the Pacific Alliance, with the highest per capita income (2014: US$23,165), the most modern infrastructure, and the least amount of corruption.

This prosperity has been achieved by exports of the world’s most significant copper deposits constituting 40% of GDP.  Political stability and low levels of corruption have led to population growth, increased employment, and a general consumer boom. Agriculture and fisheries also play an important part in Chile’s economic structure, next to the dominant mining industry and copper exports. Thanks to this combination of rather cyclical (mining) and more resilient (agriculture) industries and its overall stability, Chile is a comparatively predictable market to do business in. Many German-speaking companies with little experience in Latin America are choosing Chile as their entry market and base for future expansions.

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  • Population: 17 million
  • GDP: US$ 411 billion (PPP basis, 2014)
  • Main economic activity: mining, agriculture
  • Main imports: oil derivatives, chemical products, electronics, industrial machinery
  • Main exports: copper and other minerals, services, food exports, chemical products


“nelcons has assisted us in finding distribution partners in Colombia and Chile, which has led to successful cooperation contracts. We are lucky that with nelcons we have found a competent partner in Latin America.”

Denys Schellenberg

Verkaufsleiter Lateinamerika, Keller Druck AG

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