Within the last decade, Peru’s economy grew annually with an average of 6% despite the global financial crisis. The per capita income of the 32 million population is growing at a similar rate to the Chinese figures and has trebled over the last 10 years. These factors are mainly linked to the mining industry which provides 60% of export revenues and 20% of taxes. Copper features among the most important products (second largest producer globally) next to gold (sixth largest producer globally) and zinc and silver (largest producer globally). Investment companies with an interest in supplying the mining sector will find a dynamic market with enormous potential.

The continuous high growth in the mining industry has also led to a boom in the infrastructure and energy industries and may be of interest for companies in those sectors. Business structures and decision making processes are more transparent than in most other Latin American countries and, for example, the energy market is already extensively liberalized.  The growing per capita income (2014: $US 12,638) opens new perspectives in the area of consumer goods and health care.

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  • Population: 32 million
  • GDP: US$ 373 billion (PPP basis, 2014)
  • Main economic activity: mining, steel industry, oil and gas production, fisheries
  • Main imports: oil derivatives, automotive, industrial machinery, plastics
  • Main exports: copper, gold, zinc, oil, coffee


 “The work of nelcons is distinguished by a profound knowledge of the region as well as a proactive management style, reliability, open communication and uncompromising customer orientation. We cannot wish for a better partner in Latin America.”

Viktor Meier

Head of International Business Development, Glice Innovational AG

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