Your Partner in Latin America

The Challenge of New Markets

Every company faces a challenge when developing new markets, especially if these markets are found in other world regions. Language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, excessive regulations and bureaucratic hurdles, as well as corruption, are all contributing factors to diminish the success or lead to defeat.

A successful long-term market entry requires a trustworthy, secure and reliable partner who understands the market with all its idiosyncrasies and has connections to consultants who understand the mentality of the customers.


Why ongresso?

  • Our long-term local presence provides for profound knowledge of local customs and a broad and sophisticated network in Latin America. Our consultants and partners are experts in the specific sectors and countries and guarantee understanding your needs and the realization of your goals.
  • Our presence in both continents keeps us directly in contact with our European customers and also immersed in the Latin American markets to assist our customers to long-term success.
  • Experience and creativity are the basis of innovation! Profound knowledge of the markets and local cultural peculiarities are our basis for developing adequate business models and managing the successful establishment of new businesses.
  • We represent Swiss values in Latin America: founded in 2010, ongresso is a company with   100% Swiss ownership with an exclusive Swiss management team.
  • ongresso is not a consulting firm. We offer an active, long-term cultivation of the market and assist with the analysis, development and implementation of market strategies and local business models.

We stand for customer focus, innovation, reliability and integrity!

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